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About Us

Latheacond Technologies (UEN 201726823W) is bringing patented innovation in constructing low-weight and low-cost vacuum enclosures. With R&D expertise built over a decade, Latheacond is poised to reduce food wastage in global cold supply chains by making large-scale vacuum storage and transportation of non-frozen foods economically viable.

Created as a spin-off from A*STAR (Singapore’s leading public sector science and technology organization), Latheacond is backed by grant funding from Temasek Foundation and Enterprise Singapore.

The company is based in Singapore.


Dr Isakov Dmitry: Founder and Director

Dr Isakov is an award-winning thermal and vacuum-assisted technologies specialist with over 16 years of expertise in the field.


He obtained his MSc from the Moscow State University and PhD from the National University of Singapore. Begining his professional career as a Research Scientist at the Singapore Institute of Manufacturing Technology under the the Agency for Science, Technology and Research, Dr Isakov led several large-scale projects addressing challenges in the semiconductor, aerospace, logistics and HVAC sectors. His clients included Boeing, ST Aerospace, HOPE Technik and IMDA. During this time, he also won several local and international awards for his research in vacuum and fault-localisation technologies. 

Fuelled by his passion for innovation and problem-solving engineering, Dr Isakov founded Latheacond Technologies in 2017. Here he deploys his patented technologies to solve energy efficiency challenges in the cold-supply chain industry across the APAC region.

Origin of the name LATHEACOND

LATHEACOND is derived from the term 'Latent Heat Conductor'.

Vacuum is an ideal transfer medium or conductor for removing latent heat from liquids. This physics has the potential to be deployed in a number of temperature-sensitive applications. The company's patented R&D solutions are based on this exciting phenomenon - from innovative zero-waste food storage systems to a novel compressor for refrigeration systems.

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