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Large volume vacuum refrigeration storage has been a proven technology since the 1960s. Vacuum chambers that reduce the oxidation process for fresh agrofood products greatly increase their shelf life. However, conventional vacuum storage chambers tend to be too heavy and come with a prohibitive price tag. Out patented manufacturing and design processes are capable of producing the chambers at low weight and competitive costs. This has the potential to be the game-changer in the global cold storage and supply chain industry.     
Wastage in the existing agrofood supply chain
Inedequate refrigeration.png
Traditional Vacuum Reefer

Weight of commercial vacuum chamber with internal volume of 1.4m by 1.4 m by 1.6 m:   > 4,000 kg

Solution: Oxygen suppression
Oxygen suppression.png
Low weight New Vacuum Reefer
Render-Rev-VCC-17 Full Single Module Asy-18Dec-2021-01.JPG
WhatsApp Image 2021-12-17 at 16.51.37.jpeg

Weight of Latheacond's chamber with internal volume of 
1.4m by 1.4 m by 1.6 m:   < 500 kg

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